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Jack in the Box to pilot Miso Robotics’ Flippy 2, Sippy

California fast-food chain Jack in the Box will launch a pilot of Miso Robotics’ Flippy 2 and Sippy products in an effort to improve efficiency in the kitchen of its San Diego restaurant. Flippy 2, which takes over the work […]

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Caliburger adds pay-with-face option amid COVID-19

CaliBurger is adding a variety of tools to its Pasadena, California, restaurant to help fight the spread of viruses like COVID-19, according to a press release from its parent company, Cali Group. “Cali Group is focusing its resources on new […]

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CaliBurger opens at University Village with robots flipping, frying

When executive chef Jeffrey Kalt began explaining how CaliBurger came to be, a new phrase came to mind: reverse restaurant osmosis. Normally, chains catch on in the United States and then migrate around the world, assimilating overseas second. But there’s […]

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Meet Flippy, Your Burger-Flipping Robot Helper

There’s a new worker at the CaliBurger in downtown Pasadena, California. His name is Flippy. He doesn’t talk much or interact with his colleagues. But he’s really good at what he does. He can cook up to 300 burgers an hour, and each […]