Cali Burgers

Why Caliburger ?

CaliBurger is combining top-of-the-line food service technology with the Cali vibes and Cali-Style food. We’re streamlining the ordering process and making our customer service as fast and futuristic as possible, without sacrificing the beachfront chill that comes with our California origins.


Be Part Of The Future

Bring fast, fresh, and futuristic Cali-Style food to your community! By starting a CaliBurger franchise location in your city, you can see firsthand how our revolutionary technology and fresh, made-to-order menu come together to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience for your customers.

Join The Better Burger Movement

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Progressive Business Model

Caliburger Uses Top-Of-The-Line Technology To Streamline The Food Service Experience, Giving Our Customers Fast And Easy Access To An Extensive Menu. Modern Tech Meets An Atmosphere Of Old-School California Vibes, And The Result Is A Dining Experience Unlike Anything Else.

Always Fresh Menu

At Caliburger, You Have A Lot Of Options, But No Matter What You Order, You Know It Will Be Made With The Freshest Ingredients. Our Menu Is Full Of Classic, Cali-Style Food Made Just How You Like Them With A Taste That Will Remind You Of The California Beach, Sun And Vibes.

Cutting Edge Food Tech

Caliburger’s Bringing Food Service Into The Future.

Contemporary Cali Vibes

A Perfect Balance Of Fast,Futuristic Service, Andlaid-Back Vibes